Seasonal Affective Disorder


Feeling a little depressed lately with the shorter days and the cold, winter weather we have been having lately?You have no energy and you don’t want to do anything but stay in bed all day?

This may be because of Seasonal Affective Disorder, better known as SAD.

The Flu Season Is Still Upon Us!

As we are now entering the new year the last thing we want is to catch the flu! Fight against the Flu this new year by stopping by PeopleFirst Pharmacy and getting your flu shot.

We are offering the flu shot at a walk-in discount of $35by appointment only at our Carrollton location and between 9 am – 6 pm, Monday – Friday at our Flower Mound location. We accept most major insurance plans, and Medicare.

Our compounding pharmacists can assist with any questions you may have. Call Prarke Patel, PharmD or any of our other helpful pharmacy staff at  972-300-4130 ext 462 to set up an appointment at our Carrollton location. Or call 972-478-0068 for any questions in regards to our Flower Mound location.

Let our team help you and your family on your quest to be happy and healthy!

PeopleFirst Pharmacy’s Adherence Program

PeopleFirst Pharmacy’s Adherence program is designed to help you take your medications exactly the way they were meant to be taken. We package your medications in easy to use packets. Each packet contains medications based on the date and time that you are supposed to take them. This will ensure you to stay on track with your medications and reduce the number of trips to the pharmacy by having all of your medications synchronized.

This program can reduce your stress and save you time by filling all of your prescriptions, vitamins and supplements on the same day every month. Imagine the convenience of a single trip to the pharmacy!
We will take care of contacting your physician, transferring your prescriptions, and making sure you do not run out of your medications.

Please Call Dr. Prarke Patel or pharmacy at 972 300 4130 x462 for more information.