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In an industry that has evolved continuously over the last few decades, we at PeopleFirst Pharmacy have made it our mission to provide exceptional care by providing services such as specialty drugs, compounded medications, durable medical equipment and medication therapy management. For over 20 years, our dedicated staff has collaborated with patients and healthcare practitioners to provide innovative solutions for health and wellness success.


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Our Advantages

Compliance Packaging
No more pill bottles. If remembering when to take which pill or medication has been worrying you, PeopleFirst Pharmacy has a solution – Strip Packs.
Medication Management
We want to help patients improve therapeutic outcomes and optimize drug therapy. In addition it helps us identify medication-related problems and suggest solutions.
Assisted Living
With our sister pharmacy, Trinity Apothecary, we can deliver medications and medical supplies to local assisted living and retirement communities.
Whether you’re going on vacation soon or if you simply want to keep illness at bay, feel free to visit us any time during pharmacy hours to get your immunizations with no appointment required!
Medication Disposal
Just bring your expired or unused prescription and over-the-counter medications in their original containers to us and we will handle the rest!
We offer delivery with our own licensed, insured drivers to areas in North Texas including Carrollton, Plano and Dallas.

Who We Help



Physicians & Nurses

We work closely with practitioners to provide innovative solutions for health and wellness success. Our number one goal is service to your profession and the community you live in. Let us put more tools in your toolbox.

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Women, Men and Children

We know that no two people have the same medical needs, which is why we are committed to catering to you. If you’re a patient looking for medication services that are personalized to your needs, you’ve come to the right place.

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Pets and Exotic Animals

Animals have different needs and tolerances to medication due to size and physiology so using human medications can be deadly. At PeopleFirst, we can create various unique pet meds in a variety of flavors, strengths and dosage forms.

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Injured Patients

Injured Patients

Worker's Comp & Auto Injury

Whether you are injured at work, in a car accident, or any in between, we believe you should always be entitled to excellent prescription care. We help manage claims for patients, attorneys and doctors across Texas.

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Hand Grip Could Predict Heart Health

A doctor making the shape of a heart with their hands.   Researchers are considering a simple, low-tech screening test that may predict your risk for death,heart attack or stroke: the strength of your hand. A new study of approximately 140,000 patients ages 35 to 70 from 17 countries indicates that grip strength is a reliable indicator of death from any cause, but particularly heart disease. The findings were published in The Lancet.

“Grip strength could be an easy, inexpensive test to assess an individual’s risk of death and cardiovascular disease,” Dr. Darryl Leong, study author and assistant professor of medicine at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, told Yahoo News.  “Doctors or other health care professionals can measure grip strength to identify patients with major illnesses such as heart failure who are at particularly high risk of dying from their illness.”

Each 11-pound decline in grip strength was linked to a 16 percent increased risk for death from any cause, 17 percent increased risk for cardiovascular death and a 17 percent greater risk for death not associated with heart disease. The findings also suggest a 7 percent increased risk for heart attack and 9 percent increased risk for stroke. Further research is being conducted to determine whether or not improved hand strength could reduce the risk for death or heart disease.


For more information visit: http://health.usnews.com/health-news/health-wellness/articles/2015/05/15/hand-grip-could-predict-heart-health

Did you know that some of your medication can deplete your body of vital nutrients?



Did you know that some of your medication can deplete your body of vital nutrients?
Come talk to us if you have questions or need advice about what supplements you should be taking.
Check out this article for other great tips.

For more information, visit:


Seasonal Affective Disorder


Feeling a little depressed lately with the shorter days and the cold, winter weather we have been having lately?You have no energy and you don’t want to do anything but stay in bed all day?

This may be because of Seasonal Affective Disorder, better known as SAD.

Independent pharmacies should have the same rights has the national chains.

Independent pharmacies should have the same rights has the national chains.

Currently independent pharmacies are not able to be part of an insurance plan’s preferred network. Sign this petition to help change this!

Thank you for your help.