PeopleFirst Pharmacy focuses on putting the “care” back into healthcare. Our approach to wellness is to focus on preventing illness and prolonging life, as opposed to emphasizing the treatment of diseases. We offer a wide variety of pharmaceutical grade vitamins and supplements, high-grade nutraceuticals, prescription weight loss products, anti-aging products and much more!

Many people have a lot of questions regarding their personal health issues and goals.

  • Which type of fish oil should I be taking? How are they different?
  • Can my wife and I take the same multivitamin?
  • Are my supplements safe with the prescription medications my doctor prescribed me?
  • There are so many probiotics on the market – how do I decide on what’s best for me?
  • Should my children be on nutritional supplements?

There are tons of vitamins and supplement choices on the market today. There are differences between source, quality, and safety. Using supplements alone can help you feel better and may help with certain medical conditions. Supplements are as unique as people – they all help in different ways and serve different purposes. Selecting the nutrition supplements that are right for you can depend on your current health conditions, your personal health goals, current prescription medications being used and your daily environmental conditions. When beginning a new supplement, it is always a good idea to check with your physician or pharmacist. Our expert pharmacists can help you select a simple nutrition plan specifically for you and guide you along your vitamin and supplement journey!

Nutritional supplements are typically available in four different categories:

  • Pharmaceutical Grade – Highest grade. Meets regulatory standard, tested & verified and best purity.
  • Medical Grade – High grade but doesn't meet all standards like pharmaceutical grade. May not be tested by an independent party.
  • Nutritional Grade – Most lower grade supplements on the market. Typically found in health food stores. Not tested and may not contain what is exactly listed on the label.
  • Feed or Agricultural Grade - Considered to be the lowest grade and not recommended for human consumption.

Our care team is highly trained to help you select the best supplements for your specific needs. We understand that our customers are all unique and have different health goals and needs. PeopleFirst Pharmacy has been in business since 2007 and has taken great pride in serving our community with pharmacy and wellness needs.


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