We help build a stronger triad between you, our provider and us. We work with your doctor to make therapy recommendations such as decreasing the number of medications a patient takes, substituting expensive medications with less expensive alternatives, adjusting medications or dosages to be safer, eliminating duplicate therapies and increase patients’ adherence to medication therapy.

What Should I expect?
Our pharmacist will call you and speak to you for 15 to 30 minutes. The pharmacist will ask you questions about your medical conditions, your medical history, and current and past medication use. This information will be used to assess your current medications and identify any problems with your medications.

With your permission, the pharmacist will contact your primary care provider and present his/her assessment and recommendations. Your pharmacist will work closely with your physician to make your health care is effective as possible and resolve any medication-related problems.

You should plan to speak to us three times during the first year, or more if needed, and two times in each following year to provide an ongoing assessment of your health status and medications. We will always have your medical history on file to reference back to.

How Will You Help Me?

  • We will enhance your understanding of your prescription medications.
  • We will make sure you are in compliance with your prescribed medication therapy.
  • Detect any adverse drug interactions and patterns of over-utilization or under-utilization of your prescription medications.
  • Detect and avoid drugs deemed to be inappropriate for prescriptions based on age and gender, which can contribute to common problems such as confusion, constipation, falls and other conditions.
  • Research lower cost alternatives for you.
  • Optimize the therapeutic benefits of your prescription medications with any nutritional and dietary suggestions
  • Provide a detailed overview of the yout medications to your physician with suggested changes to the medication regimen.

What qualifies me to receive MTM services?

  • You must have at least one chronic medical condition based on recent prescription claims.
  • You must be filling more than 5 medications a month at our pharmacy.
  • You request our assistance in medication management.

How Do I Get Started?

To get started for our MTM services, simply contact us at 1-833-MEDS-NOW during our normal hours of operation and we will schedule a phone consultation with a licensed pharmacist to begin the process. It's convenient, free and provides fast personalized pharmacy service to the patients in need of special attention.