Our sister pharmacy,Trinity Apothecary, is a full-service long-term care pharmacy provider that exceeds Medicare requirements.  It only services assisted living and similar communities.  Trinity Apothecary services many assisted living communities in Texas and New Mexico.  Some of the cities include Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, Tulsa, Austin and many more.  You can learn more about Trinity Apothecary by visiting www.trinityapothecary.com or by watching the video below.

A Trusted Partner In Quality Care

Trinity Apothecary has been serving long-term care residents for over 20 years. They provide services to assisted living facilities, group homes and other LTC settings who need help with convenience and medication compliance in their homes. They provide a full range of compliant packaging from blister packets to automated strip packaging with the flexibility to accommodate each facility's unique requests and requirements. They also provide access to electronic MARS and medication scanners for faster service and better compliance. Trinity Apothecary takes pride in their in house 24/7 after-hour service. Trinity Apothecary has a pharmacist available for any emergency order that comes in and needs to be addressed before the next morning at no additional charge. Trinity Apothecary's dedicated staff are passionate about what they do. They strive to get to know our residents and their care providers. 

PeopleFirst Pharmacy will work with Trinity Apothecary to deliver medications to local assisted living and retirement communities.  To know more about this service, please contact us and we can help you get set up.


To learn more, contact our care team at our direct line 1-833-MEDS-NOW