Sexual Health

Millions of men and women suffer from sexual health issues. It can interfere with your self-confidence and relationships, but there are safe and effective treatment options available. PeopleFirst Pharmacy has innovative and affordable treatment options to meet your needs.

Factors that may affect a woman’s sexual function:
● Menopause (surgical, chemically induced or natural)
● Gynecologic issues
● Childbirth
● Pelvic floor or bladder dysfunction
● Endometriosis
● Medication and substance effects
● Relationship factors
● Fatigue and stress
● Psychiatric and neurologic disease
● Other medical conditions

Factors that may affect a man's sexual function:
● Low Testosterone
● Heart Problems
● Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
● Spinal Cord Injury
● Diabetes
● Depression
● Medication and substance effects
● Fatigue and stress
● Other medical conditions

Using our unique ability to compound medications that specifically address your needs—from erectile dysfunction to challenges resulting from menopause—allows us to provide you a solution second-to-none to restore your sexual activity and vigor. We can work with specific medications and delivery methods to fix hormonal imbalances, address the loss of libido, promote penile function and vaginal lubrication, reduce pain during intercourse, care for post-operation patients (cosmetic surgeries, hysterectomies, mastectomies, etc.), anorgasmia, infertility, and more. We also can compound medications that help address sexual anxiety. We can compound bioidential hormones to address sexual dysfunction as a result of hormone imbalances.

If you are experiencing a medical problem that’s becoming difficult to treat, or if you are concerned about side effects of orally administered medications, then call us toll-free at 833-MEDS-NOW to discuss a customized medication. Our staff can create a formula to meet your unique needs.