Pain Care
Controlling pain can be a challenging and unpleasant experience for many people. PeopleFirst's topical pain creams are ideal alternatives to opiates or OTC medications, which can cause side effects. Topical pain creams are perfect to target areas affected by arthritic pain, neuropathy, shingles, gout and MRSA.

Alternate Dosage Forms – Some commercially available medications are difficult to take. Our compounding pharmacists and pharmacy technicians can provide alternate methods of delivery to make the process easier. Instead of a tablet or capsule, pain medications can often be compounded as a topical cream or gel that can be directly applied to the site of pain and absorbed through the skin. Our methods of delivery include:

• Topical gels
• Creams
• Sprays
• Custom flavored troches
• Nasal sprays

Our compounding pharmacists and pharmacy technicians can compound other medications, which may be applied to the area surrounding the wound to reduce pain associated with dressing changes. Our goal is to make sure that you receive high-quality compounded medications at the most competitive prices. Our Pharmacy accepts prescriptions from licensed prescribers via the phone, escripts, fax, or hard copy. We would be happy to speak with you regarding questions you may have about compounding or the prescribing process. Call us today at 1-833-MEDS-NOW today!