There are many mass-produced medications on the market to help with these conditions. However, due to their strength, dosage form, or other factors you may find as you research, they may not always be your best choice. Additionally, many people have difficulty swallowing pills or tablets, presenting further obstacles to treatment. Makers of mass-produced pain relievers often formulate their products based on an "average patient": average body weight, average pain tolerances, and so on. Your symptoms, body weight, and other factors are unique to you, so we formulate specific compounds to meet your specific needs.Not only do we have access to the most novel and utilized drugs used in neurology today, we also provide ongoing support and education. In fact, our pharmacists have clinical expertise in these disorders and the latest and most advanced drug therapies used to treat them.

Our team will collaborate with your doctor to make sure you are receiving the most effective treatment, based on your unique needs. We also specialize in dealing with insurance companies and will help you understand your coverage and benefits, and get any authorizations which are needed. Or, we can connect you to financial assistance through manufacturers and non-profit organizations, if available.

We have the ability to compound medications for the following common conditions you treat, including:
● Neuropathic Pain
● Neuropathic Cancer Pain
● Post Herpetic Neuralgia
● Diabetic Neuropathy
● Trigeminal Neuralgia
● Migraine Headache
● Allodynia
● Sciatica
● Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
● Multiple Sclerosis
● Parkinson’s Disease
And many more!

Our goal is to make sure that you receive high-quality compounded medications at the most competitive prices. Our Pharmacy accepts prescriptions from licensed prescribers via the phone, escripts, fax, or hard copy. We would be happy to speak with you regarding questions you may have about compounding or the prescribing process. Call us today at 1-833-MEDS-NOW today!