Men's Health

Some men are not always open to converse about their battles in health. Aging is a natural stage they go through that make them experience mood swings, memory loss, aggravation, low energy levels, depression, erectile dysfunction or weight loss.

We help treat dysfunctions and ailments such as:
● Chronic Sinusitis
● Joint Pain
● Acid Reflux
● Hemorrhoids
● Prostate Cancer
● Sports Injury
● Erectile Dysfunction
● Testosterone Replacement Therapy
● Anal Fissures
● Weight Control
● Chronic halitosis or bad breath
● Aging or brittle skin issues
● Sleep issues
● Smoking Cessation

This is where specialty compounding plays its role. With individualized compounding for men’s health, we are able to address the right dosages, combine the correct ingredients and strength medication in capsules, tablets or topical creams that will help men conquer problems in health. With more and more over the counter hormonal supplements being offered on the market, it is essential to work with an expert on what supplements are the best and most effective for your needs. Let PeopleFirst Pharmacy work with you and your doctor to get the most effective results.

Testosterone therapy
Testosterone is a hormone that peaks during adolescence and early adulthood. As men age, testosterone levels gradually decline — typically about 1% a year after age 30. Testosterone helps to maintain men’s:

● Bone density
● Fat distribution
● Muscle strength and mass
● Cardiovascular protection
● Red blood cell production
● Sleep quality
● Motivation, self-confidence
● Memory
● Sex drive
● Sperm production

Why suffer when you can use pharmaceutical compounding to address these issues? It is a cost effective and very easy way to resolve male hormone issues, and the many other health issues addressed above. Every man is different, and your drug treatment program should be specific to you, not all men above a certain age as stated by many generics.
If you are experiencing a medical problem that’s becoming difficult to treat, or if you are concerned about side effects of orally administered medications, then call us toll-free at 833-MEDS-NOW to discuss a customized medication. Our staff can create a formula to meet your unique needs.