PeopleFirst Pharmacy's primary goal is to bring you the most advanced, safe, efficient and convenient way of administrating your medications. That is why we offer compliance packaging in many different ways to better help you take your medications on time safely. Because of the way the medications are packed, you will have the right medications; in the right dose at the right time you need them. This will significantly reduce the time you spend separating your own medications while allowing you to still keep your medications in the pharmacy’s packaging.

Single Dose Packaging

Single Dose Packaging is also a safe way to manage medications one by one. Each medication is packaged individually on each card and allows for safety and compliance with individual medications. With single dose packaging, all your medications are organized into a blister that is labeled with the medication name and direction to improve convenience and reduce confusion and the risk of medication errors.

Strip Packaging

Strip packaging or PASS (Patient Adherence Strip System) takes all of your current medications and sorts them into an individually wrapped package based on the time, date and dosage prescribed by your medical physician. Our strip packaging solutions make sure you take the right medication at the right time. This helps increase adherence and reduces hospital readmission. Each strip package has all of the required information that you will find on a normal medication bottle. The packaging can include over-the-counter medications, oral solids, narcotics, and reminders for larger medical treatments that do not fit into the small packaging.

Bubble (Blister Pack) Packaging

“Bubble” packing, also known as blister packaging, can provide up to a month supply of a prescription. Each bubble can hold one or multiple tablets or capsules and represents a day’s worth of medication. Multiple packages can be used to coordinate different times that medications might be taken during the day (i.e.- morning, noon, dinner & bedtime.) This arrangement would be useful for a patient that has difficulty remembering whether they took their prescriptions that day or not. The entire blister after each weekly use is then disposable and can be put into a recycle bin. Blister packs are extremely convenient and very portable, they can be taken and used everywhere and can be used for all ages.