What is PeopleFirst Pharmacy Adherence Program?

Our adherence program is designed to help you take your medications exactly the way they were meant to be taken! We package your medications in easy to use packets. Each packet contains medications based on the date and time that you are supposed to take them. This will ensure you to stay on track with your medications and reduce the number of trips to the pharmacy.

Benefits of Adherence?

-Allows medications, vitamin, supplements to be taken the way they are mean to be taken!
-Synchronizes all routine medications to be filled on the same day!
-Reduces the trips to the pharmacy – saves time and money!
-Pharmacy and Doctor’s office work together to make sure there are always refills available on your medications!
-Reduces stress of making sure you have all your medications oh hand!
-More free time to do the items you enjoy doing most!

How does it work?
PeopleFirst Pharmacy will coordinate your medications to be filled on the same day. A trusted staff member will call you to confirm if there are any changes in dose, discontinued medications, new medications, as well as see how you are feeling and if there is any ways to save you money.

We will contact your physician as needed to obtain any refills for medications that have run out. We will have your medications packaged in date and time stamped packets that will be ready for you to pick up or delivered the day before your medication runs out.

It’s just that easy!

How do I sign up?

1. Make an appointment with one of our staff members to enroll in the Adherence Program
2. Bring all of your prescriptions as well as your vitamins
3. Together we will establish your refill date
4. We will also provide you and your physician a summary of your drug list
5. You are then set and come back on the date of every month you picked as your refill date!